Gildan Kids Long Sleeve T-shirt

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$10.15 Price:
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Looking for affordable children’s clothing that provides superior value and comfort? Our line of Gildan 2400B long sleeve youth t shirts feature superior breathability and comfort, and the 200 GSM 100% cotton material remains sturdy enough for rugged use in any environment.



100% cotton




One of our most popular lines of children’s clothing, the 2400B long sleeve kids t shirts from Gildan are as vibrant as they are resilient. The 100% cotton, 200 GSM jersey knit fabric offers extreme durability while remaining completely soft and breathable, making it the perfect blend of comfort and function. Like many of the articles of children’s clothing you’ll find for sale on our site, the Gildan 2400B series is available in a huge variety of colors, allowing you to purchase cheap shirts that your kids will actually like! The seamless double needle 1.9 cm collar offers superior fit and flexibility, and, like all our kids shirts for sale, these garments are quarter turned to eliminate centre creasing.
WIDTH 43 46 48 51
LENGTH 56 60 64 67
YS 43 56
YM 46 60
YL 48 64
YXL 51 67
Sizes in Centimeters,Tolerance +/-1cm

Customer Reviews

By Ethan
3 April 2012 9:24:47 pm NZST

Just wanted to get my two cents in – these shirts are a tremendous bargain at this price. I’ve seen these same exact shirts in department and retail stores for double this amount, and I have no idea how they do it, but I’m more than glad to take advantage of it.

If you’re sitting there a bit worried (like I was) that maybe you’d but a few of these shirts and they’d arrive stained or torn or falling apart, allow me to put your mind to rest. They arrived completely new and perfect in every detail, so I’m sure they will for you too.

There’s no way these prices can last, so you better start ordering! I’m getting more right now…

By Caleb
3 April 2012 9:24:15 pm NZST

Speaking from experience, children seem to love Gildan kids shirts. Our little ones are mad for Gildan shirts, and while it might be because their father loves to wear them, I like to think it’s because they recognize a well-made shirt when they see one.

Not only are these shirts every bit as well put together as any series of adult t shirts I’ve ever come across, the prices from this website on these shirts is the lowest I think I’ve ever seen.

So, if you’re a parent with kids who like nice to wear nice shirts, and you feel like saving a bit of coin, then you know what to do.

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